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:: Saturday, December 09, 2006 ::

The Colorado Rockies haven't been busy this offseason, instead letting the rest of the league engage heartily in kind philanthropy for marginal talent. 2007 promises to be a season of reckoning for Dan O'Dowd, Clint Hurdle and crew, Charlie Monfort makes that clear in today's Rocky Mountain News.

Will the team matter? It's hard to say. Right now, I think we have the second best squad in the division, but the Dodgers are a good pace ahead. Visit my blog at Purple Row for more Colorado Rockies discussion.

:: Bran 2:42 PM [+] ::
What's your blog called over at Purple Row? Or is your blog Purple Row? Some folks 'round these parts think it could be Angels vs. Dodgers this year, which would make my life interesting trying to go to work or home during the World Series.
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