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:: Friday, April 22, 2005 ::

Yesterday, the Rockies lost in a game I expect to be more typical of the season than the first two weeks have shown, one promising with glimpses of the bright future, but ultimately a letdown due to inexperience and inconsistency. Our offense played hard for four innings commanded the plate and getting solid contact, but when the Phillies' pitchers started to adjust by expanding their targets, except for Brad Hawpe, we couldn't answer. The fifth and sixth innings went by so fast I thought the team was worried they were going to miss their flight and the last three weren't much better. Meanwhile, Joe Kennedy once again showed the price of needless walks in the fourth, walk, home run, two points. Rinse. Repeat. That sequence from the Phillies in the bottom of the fourth where they worked the count and got on, to the top of the fifth where it took four pitches by Jon Lieber to get through the inning (Hawpe singled on the first pitch but the double play two pitches later erased him) is the best illustration of why they won and we lost.

Tonight we face the division leading Dodgers back at home and if we continue to hand out walks but not get them in return it will be a long series.

I've been delayed on the farm report for a couple of days due to other things. The fact taht Baseball America has no Rockies' in even their honorable mention for the Prospect Hot Sheet should help tell you how the far has started. Several of our top position players have yet to look that good, luckily there are only a couple - Jayson Nix (does he still count?) and Matt Macri that have really struggled. Both have been solid on defense if that counts for anything (it should).

As far as pitchers, Juan Morillo has been shelled a couple of times, but don't discount him coming back strong. Ubaldo Jiminez has shown signs of a bad winter conditioning program but alson signs of the skills that make him the Rockies top pitching prospect now that Jeff Francis has arrived. However on the good front, Dragon Lo and Samuel Deduno have been excellent thus far, and last year's seventh round pick Jake Postlewaite has also looked strong in the Sally league, though he and to some extent Deduno are a bit old for that league and need to show the same stuff against more advanced competition. Lo on the other hand is just nineteen and yes this is his second year at Asheville, but he's showing the promise that made the Rockies spend millions four years ago to bring him out of Taiwan.

Tonight my spouse and I sleep in separate bedrooms until Sunday, I hope I'm the one at the end who gets to say "It's okay honey, maybe they'll win a couple next time, for once."

Kidding about the bedroom part, but all the rest is true, later

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