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:: Saturday, April 23, 2005 ::

A little after I state that there hasn't been much chaange at the top of the draft board, I read ESPN's Peter Gammons' article that has one GM predicting the first six picks going this way:

1 Arizona - Justin Upton
2 KC - Alex Gordon
3 Seattle - Luke Hochevar
4 Washington - Troy Tulowitzki
5 Milwaukee - Ryan Zimmerman
6 Toronto - Ricky Romero

Which leaves Cameron Maybin floating down to Colorado at number seven. Maybe Dan O' Dowd was that certain GM and this is wishful thinking. Romero and Tulowitzki seem particularly high. I know Ricky's season has pushed him up the draft charts but at #6, with Maybin, Mike Pelfrey and Jeff Clement still available? I don't see it. The only reason would be that Tulowitzki figures to be an easier sign than Mike Pelfrey and both Washington (for this year at least) and Milwaukee have to be strict with their pursestrings. Still, if Maybin does slip it will be the latest in a string of first round steals for our team. Honestly, Clement's going to be a steal if he goes to eight or lower. Pelfrey I'm still not sold on, and maybe that's why he's slipping, he has great stuff, but the road to heartache is paved with raw pitchers who never quite get where you want them to.

Speaking of drafts, is there anything more boring than watching the first round of the NFL draft? Fifteen minutes per selection? Come on, this thing drags out more than Stewardship Sunday at church...
when there's a Rockies game on...
and you're a pagan sunworshipper.

Anyway, I digress. O' Dowd in the same article quashed the Todd Helton to Baltimore rumor that was started by that column I pointed out the other day. It was a silly rumor anyway, Baltimore doesn't have enough to make a trade for Helton justifiable in the first place let alone enough to make him want to play there. As far as I know that is, which honestly isn't much in this case. The Angels on the other hand... Nah, I'm joking I hope Helton stays on until we win our first two World Series in 2008 and 2009 (we'll narrowly miss in 07 after a heartbreaking loss in the NLCS to the Brewers, the subsequent Milwaukee vs. Minnesota World Series will nearly destroy baseball)

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