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:: Saturday, April 23, 2005 ::

Jason Jennings' milestone night, tying Pedro Astacio for winningest Coors Field pitcher ever, came at a fantastic time and the fact he made a complete game of it (allowing the bullpen a night off) should pay benefits for the remainder of the homestand as long as none of our other starters implode early. The Aaron Miles walk watch continues, but going four for five still trumps getting a free pass, and Brad Hawpe and Cory Sullivan are beginning to look like early candidates for "The best rookie overshadowed by the performance of one of their own teammates" award handed out each year by the greater Poughkeepsie Athletic Club.

Meanwhile, two things - today's NFL draft and last night's watching Jeff Weaver suffer at our expense reminding me of his unsigned little brother, made me think that maybe it's time to update my draft board, but honestly not much has changed, the top six players all remain the same and almost in the same slots (Alex Gordon has been getting more mention as a probable top three pick, at least by BA) and the wild cards are still those two unsigned 2004 picks, Jered Weaver and Stephen Drew (Drew signed the other day with an independent Northern League club, but still seems likely to sign with the D-backs before June).

As far as rumors go, I have heard that the Rockies are looking close at some pitchers, Luke Hochevar, for one, even scouting Utah high school left handed phenom Mark Pawelek (I think everybody's scouting him though) but I doubt it means anything as far as what direction they'll take with the seventh pick. Pawelek last I heard was expected to go a bit lower, and pitchers usually get more scrutiny anyway because their skills don't always show up the first time you see them. These two pitchers do have at least some history pitching at altitude, and though that line of reasoning didn't exactly work with Scott Elarton, Chac' is still working out fine for us. The philosophy of the last three years of taking the best available player works fine for me so long as Bill Schmidt continues to make the call, but I understand the desire to leave no stone unturned.

Tonight might actually be a rare Coors Field pitcher's duel, Odalis Perez had a couple of great outings at Coors last year and is 3-0 on the season thus far. He'll be matched up against the aforementioned Shawn Chacon who in his two games has looked more solid than he has since the first half of 2003 despite the fact that he has no wins to show for it. Tonight will be another good test, and hopefully our bats and bullpen will back him up this time.

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