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:: Sunday, April 24, 2005 ::

In the top of the third already, Jeff Francis is in a little bit of trouble with two on and JD Drew at the plate. That pop out to short center, where our short centerfileder, Clint Barmes caught up to it, preserves the lead. In the bottom half of the second, Aaron Miles swung at the first two pitches he saw and ended our own threat just as benignly. Miles had a profile up at mlb.com yesterday, before he went zero for five. His free swinging is contagious, the Rockies' here in the bottom of the third again gave the opposing pitcher a four pitch inning as even Todd Helton only saw one pitch.

Miles still hasn't drawn a walk, and the article above seems to miss the point that even though his average is higher than most of his NL peers, he actually gets on less frequently than all but a handful. Meanwhile, our pitchers, aren't getting the idea either. Today with Brad Penny, and then continuing tomorrow with his former Marlin teammates, will show a different example of pitch efficiency. Penny still only has thrown sixty-two through four innings (5.167 ptches per out) and this kind of deep start is what to look for when judging pitchers at Coors, more than other more traditional standards. Getting outs, and getting them quickly is the key. How is Jeffrey Franchise doing? Despite not getting through a single inning cleanly, he now through five innings has thrown only 80 pitches, for a slightly higher 5.333 clip. He's been aided by a superb defense, but he's not doing bad at all.

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